STAHAR fucking machine
(Stationary Harness)

  • Motor power: 450 Watt;
  • Power source: 220 V AC or 120 V AC;
  • Stroke: 2" - 9" (5cm - 22cm) adjustable;
  • Frequency: 0 - 360 RPM regulated;
  • Remote control operated (On/off, frequency adjusting).
  • Working height: 3" - 21"
    (7cm - 55cm) adjustable;
    step = 1.5" (4cm);

StaHar fucking machine is made on a base of our Harness machine. Just the front leg was added to make a stationary version. But it may be easily transformed back to Harness, by attaching the Arc with belts. It is universal machine, combining advantages of stationary machines (power, speed, remote control), and flexibility of wearable machines (following body positions and motions).

Front leg allows adjusting different working heights in stationary version, from 3" to 21" (7cm - 55cm), allowing various positions (lying on a floor, doggy, sitting on sofa, on high chair, standing, etc.)

StaHar machine may be supplied in several sets:

  • as a single stationary machine;
  • with Arc and belts, transformable to Harness machine;
  • as a part of Stand machine set, allowing a lot of additional transformations.

StaHar pictures StaHar info

StaHar basic price - $640

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