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  • Stroke: up to 8" (10 - 20 cm),
    (depends of swinging amplitude);
  • Frequency: as it convenient;
  • Length: 35" (90 cm).
  • Springs are chosen to compensate body weight (110-220 Pounds) 50 - 100 kg;
Fucking Single SWING
Priciple of action

Free swinging on a board is transformed to fuckig action.

The idea was taken from the Fucking Swing, but it is adapted to the single person use. Just the half of the board is cut off, and two spings are installed under the board, to compensate the body weight.
The principle of SINGLE SWING device - is also body movement against stationary dildo.
The Single Swing is self-actuated (by the legs force) fucking device. Dildo is installed under the swing board. Dildo penetrate through the hole in the board and seat. The rest is - easy swinging! The frequency and depth are chosen by personal intensity. Under body weight springs squeeze to their half-stroke position, but while jumping (swinging) springs allow the whole stroke up to 8" (20cm) - the whole dildo length.
The SINGLE SWING set includes swing board with soft seat, installed on frame with axle, two springs and dildo holder.

Preferable to be used with mirror
(image of initial design)

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