Rocking Chair specifications:

Two versions of Rocking Chair are available:

1) "free swinging"
2) motor version

"Free swinging" version specification:

  1. Size: (height x width x length) = 35" x 27" x 23" (87cm x 68cm x 57cm)
  2. Weight ~ appr.15 kg. (without motor!)
  3. Size in disassembled state, for shipping = 27" x 17" x 18" (68cm x 43cm x 45cm)

    Working parameters:

  4. Chair seat swinging stroke: ~ 2" -2.5" (5 - 7cm)
  5. Dildo stroke: up to 8" (~18-20 cm)
  6. Dildo stroke is reverse directed to the seat swing. (Counterstroke)
  7. Working stroke length depends of individual requirements. (Chosen personally).
  8. Frequency: without motor - Chosen personally.
  9. Generic imitrex cost attachment equipped. All Vac-U-Lock compatible dildos and vibrators are acceptable, easy to mount. (Dildo is not included!)

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