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The VX1 Female Orgasm Machine...

VX1 Female Orgasm Machine
VX1 machine view

The VX1 orgasm machine is the ultimate in design, affordability and female self pleasure.

  • A sex machine designed to deliver a life time of sexual pleasure!
  • Helps to instruct women on how to have better orgasm or even how to orgasm for the first time!
  • Priced to be affordable!
  • Stimulates in a way NO hand held vibrator can!


VX1 Female Orgasm Machine

VX1 Female Orgasm Machine
Possible attachments
Manufacturer : VX1
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VX1 Female Orgasm Machine

How it works..

The VX1 orgasm machine stimulates the vagina in TWO separate and independent motions. The first motion is the vibration, this is created by a small but significant elliptical movement that not only vibrates the clitoris, from speeds of 0 - 6000 rpm, but lightly rubs the clitoris at the same time. This motion on its own is guaranteed to send women into the ecstasy of orgasm.

The second motion is the rotation of the dildo attachment. While inserted this rotation tantalizes the G-spot to give mind blowing G-spot orgasms.

Both of these motions combined result in not only a clitoral or G-spot orgasm, but will send any woman over the top with female sexual pleasure and the ultimate G-spot and clitoral orgasm, with practice, both at the same time!!

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