Design and production of Fucking Machines for an ORDER

    Fucking machines:
  • Design by drawings (scheme);
  • Design by similar picture;
  • Design by description;
  • Design by specified parameters;
  • Design by "know how it must be";
  • Design by "dont know, but want!"

Producing Fucking Machines
for customers demand.

It is an often situation when customers ask some machine, that is not present in our list. Somebody wants a unique machine. Or just a machine, that he knows how it "must looks like". This way some of our machines was built on an order of our customers.

That's why we are taking orders for designing and producing new special machines. Send us an What is cetirizine hydrochloride tablets and describe what machine you need. You may attach a drawing, picture of similar machine or explain how it must work and look like. All details may be discussed. We'll design a SPECIAL machine for you and produce it.

Machines are very different, but average price for design and production of new machine may be approx.~$700-$990 (Of course, if you'll not demand a fucking train for 500 persons). Price may be discussed after preliminary study.

Your own idea!
Become a fucking machine inventor!

To order a special fucking machine send us an ORDER (click here) with its description (scheme, picture, description, wish, parameters, etc. {or just "what you want"}).

Order may be in a free form. But, to make it easier, we propose such a questionary:
    (all items are not necessary)
  1. Machine scheme (drawings, picture);
  2. or Describe its principle of action;
  3. or Describe its shape;
  4. stationary or portable;
  5. speed (RPM);
  6. stroke;
  7. working height (from the floor);
  8. size;
  9. special demands;