FUCKOSAUR machine specifications:

FUCKOSAUR fucking monster

    General information

  1. Overall dimensions: (height x width x length) = ~20" x 12" x 15" (50cm x 32cm x 37cm)
  2. Weight : ~ appr. 13 pounds (7 kg).
  3. Motor power: 900 Watt;
  4. Power source: 220 V AC or 120 V AC;
  5. Stroke: 3" - 9.5" (8cm - 24cm) adjustable;
  6. Frequency: 0 - 180 RPM regulated;
  7. Remote control operated (On/off, frequency adjusting);
  8. Working height: 3" (8cm) - to 30" (75cm).

    Design description:

  9. FUCKOSAUR is a compact stationary fucking machine, allowing adjusting working height from "low on a floor" to "high standing", giving possibility of wide variety of positions.
  10. FUCKOSAUR has a steel welded frame. Drive and parallelogram mechanism are fixed on a frame.
  11. Crankshaft mechanism produce forward-backward motion of lower leg of parallelogram mechanism.
  12. Upper arm of parallelogram mechanism allows to adjust the working height up-down. The upper arm is fixed by wings nuts. It may be easy readjusted by loosen by hand wing nuts, install a new height and fix it back by hand. Height may be adjusted 3" (8cm) "low on the floor", to 30" (75cm) "high standing".
  13. Different working heights allow to choose various fucking positions: lying on a floor, sitting, on a chair, doggy, leaning on a table, standing, lying on a table, etc, (all range of heights).
  14. The stroke may be adjusted 3" - 9.5" (8cm - 24cm) by rearranging the position of crankshaft joint on a lower leg of parallelogram mechanism.
  15. FUCKOSAUR has a cable remote control, with On/Off switch and frequency regulator (0 - 180 RPM), cable length 14 ft (4 m).
  16. Dildo position (angle) is also adjustable.
  17. Dildo is attached with Where can i buy kamagra jelly in london attachment. (Dildo is not included!) All Vac-U-Lock compatible dildos are acceptable.

    Additional information:

  18. FUCKOSAUR keeps such advantages of stationary fucking machines, as power, speed, remote control, etc., but has compact size. Also it may be packed in small box for shipping purpose, the assembling procedure is very simple.
  19. Parallelogram mechanism give a convenient distance of body from the base (frame) of machine. Drive is far from body (legs).
  20. Original design gives possibility to make FUCKOSAUR a low price (for stationary machine) and low shipping price!

    Selling information:

  21. FUCKOSAUR set price: $469 . *Orlistat 120mg buy online.
  22. Basic set includes FUCKOSAUR machine, with remote control, and equipped with Norvasc 5mg coupon attachment (dildo is not included).
  23. Shipping: by UPS or EMS(Express Mail Ser