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Fucking bicycle
(Basic set)
Bicycle Basic set


The Basic set, includes standard bicycle, equipped with (Fucking) Stroking device and support unit. It is full set, just install and "ride" (as a simulator). (Also includes all parts of riding bicycle). Cialis online us pharmacy

Fucking bicycle
(Short set)
Short set


The Short set, includes all special parts of Fucking bicycle, without bicycle. (It consists of (Fucking) Cymbalta nome generico, Cheap cialis uk online and Kamagra jelly to buy unit.) Customer needs to have own bicycle, or to buy it and assemble with Short set special parts.

The Basic set details are listed below

Stroking device
stroking device


The stroking device. Fucking bicycle is equipped with this unit. It transforms legs motions to fucking strokes. Unique design allows to "upgrade" bicycle to fucking version. You may equip your own bicycle yourself and it will become a Fucking bicycle! (Different models need some different designes - better consult Priligy buy online ireland).

Special saddle
special saddle


Special saddle is necessary to allow dildo stroking. It does not prevent riding, but does not prevent fucking.



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