compact stationary fucking machine

Compa fucking machine

  • Motor power: 450 Watt;
  • Power source: 220 V AC or 120 V AC;
  • Stroke: 2.4" - 6.5" (6cm - 16cm) adjustable;
  • Frequency: 0 - 360 RPM regulated;
  • Remote control operated (On/off, frequency adjusting).
  • Working angles: 0 - 90 degrees up (from horizontal to vertival);
    0 - 30 degrees down;
  • Angle adjustment step: 15 degrees.

All possibilities of stationary machines in small size!

COMPA fucking machine was designed according to numerous requests of customers for some "small but powerfull machine".
We have very universal stationary machine Dapoxetine tablets price, allowing various angles and height adjustments. But it has big size (according to its purpose). So we decided to design a machine with nearly same possibilities, but compact (and cheap). That's - Compa.

Compa has a welded frame with angle adjustment plate holding shaft guide. The angle-adjusting plate may be turned on its axle to install different angles of shaft stroking. It gives possibility to adjust the working angle from horizontal to vertical position (up) and 30 degrees (down). See Generic for proventil showing different working angles.
Compa has powerfull drive (the same as Stand machine). It gives 0-350 RPM, adjusting from remote control.
Thanks to its compactness, Compa may be placed on ordinary chair, table, etc. for various possibilities (heights, angles, positions, etc.).

principle of action angle adjusting
Compact & universal

Compa pictures   Compa info

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